The Day the Russia Data Machine Kicked into Turbo!

It is said when you commit a crime, you make 20 mistakes.  If you can remember 10 of them, you’re a genius.  This means that even the slickest criminals leave a trail of bread crumbs that will trace back to the crime. In the case of the Trump Tower-Alfa Bank-Spectrum Health data transfer mystery, Tea Pain just found a doozy!


We know from public data packets that a Trump Tower data server had mysteriously talked to Russia’s Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan from May 2016 til September 2016.   Funny thing is that for the first couple of months, the “Data Machine” was just idlin’, talkin’ once or twice a day, indicatin’ there was little or no communication goin’ on.

Alfa Chart Blank

But in late June, 2016, the “Russia Data Machine” kicked into turbo!  What changed?  What prompted this sudden burst in activity? Tea Pain loaded all the data activity into his trusty SQL server and started slicin’ and dicin’, lookin’ for any clue of what kicked this data buggy into overdrive.  Tea Pain summarized all the activity by site and the first clue emerged.

Alfa Activity Summary

The first thing you notice is that this server was dedicated to do one thing and one thing only, share info with Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health. The “Wholesale Internet KC” transactions were from a IP block wholesaler that was used primarily when this server was set up.  That leaves two stray “pings” to account for.  The one that instantly jumped out was “OBIT.RU.”  A quick browse there will blow your hair straight back!


Obit.RU is a large Russian telecommunications company.  Two stray pings and one was from a Russian communications group?  They say coincidences take a heap of plannin’!

One of the facts that is not well known about this server is that it was a leased server physically housed in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  It don’t take an orbital payload specialist to figure out why Trump Tower chose a leased server, not a managed, physical server in Trump Tower, to host all this treasonous data hanky-panky.  This server was outside of the control of the Tower’s day-to-day IT department and would have eliminated gettin’ Trump’s IT personnel involved.   Remember, the smaller the conspiracy, the more likely it might succeed.

This machine was most likely administered by an outside tech in order to replicate data among the three sites.  Data replication requires a few ports to be opened on a computer’s firewall to allow data to flow in and out.  Tea Pain, just like most any other tech has a ritual after changin’ firewall settings.  To make sure none of the normal firewall settings get messed up, Tea Pain typically opens a browser or a diagnostic program and send a “ping” to the site to make sure the firewall is workin’ correctly.  Whoever logged into this machine that day most likely made firewall modifications and, like Tea Pain, pinged the site from a public machine to make sure everything was functionin’ properly.  The big difference?  This ping came from Russia…from Obit.RU…by a Russian tech…from a telecommunications company!

So why did Tea Pain go to all this trouble to explain these little details?  One thing Tea Pain deliberately held back was the date of this one stray ping.  Hold on to your britches…

Alfa Chart Indicator

Bang!  We can reasonably assume that a Russian computer tech had access to that server and was makin’ a number of modifications just moments before the replication kicked into high gear!  He made his mods, and like a Russian creature of habit,  pinged the site to double-check his work.  This came just a few weeks after Don Jr’s now-famous meeting with the Russians.  The agreements were made, the changes were in place, and Trump’s “Stealth Russian Data Machine” just switched on the “Treason-Drive.”

Tokai Announce



31 thoughts on “The Day the Russia Data Machine Kicked into Turbo!”

  1. Holy jump in Moses! 😨 Can this get any clearer. Just like looking through crystal. I just don’t understand how anyone can peope can keep denying this with a straight face.

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  2. Great work, Tea Pain! God bless your happy tech-kickin’ ass, and don’t you ever forget that I love you plumb to death (in the best way, not the Donald Trump way), for all you do! 😎😎🎁 Lynn Taylor, Sister Patriot of TheResistance

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    1. I wondered about that, too! My guess . . . . . . Koch Bros are into ower operated computer systems . . . . . . .on the other hand DeVos may be, too. Tried to find out owner of Spectrum Health. No, luck!


    2. How do you think the Russian did get Personal data about voters in the swing states? Spectrum Health had 2 offices in Philadelphia, Pa and one office in St Louis, Mn. That’s how they could check against Social Media and design infowar to swing votes one way or another.


  3. The DeVos Family has had a very curious relationship (fixation?) with Pennsylvania for years. Hmm… This comprehensive reporting is from April 2011, and covers the DeVos family’s hardcore efforts almost 6+ years ago to privatize PA schools, and takes a good hard look at Betsy DeVos herself:

    Did I mention my in-laws used to live less than 15 minutes from Lititz? Very isolated rolling farm country out there, mostly Amish and Mennonite farmers who tend to keep to themselves… the perfect place to stash an off-site server.

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  4. Been keeping a timeline where I copy and paste events as we become aware of them – I knew that 27th date lined-up with something else and it sure enough did – I’m sure you probably noticed by now that on June 3rd Assange had posted that encrypted file needing a key to open which of course is also the same day Trump Jr contact leading to Trump Tower meeting on the 9th – which of course all surround Russian sanctions and the Prevezon Case Preet had filed while an acting NY US Atty
    June 27 2017 ‘Guccifer 2.0’ made contact with TSG via a Miami, Florida IP address connected to the Russia-based Elite VPN service
    TSG reporter William Bastone writes: “On three occasions, ‘Guccifer 2.0’ made contact with TSG via a Miami, Florida IP address connected to the Russia-based Elite VPN service.

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  5. As a Grand Rapids resident, I can tell you The Children’s Hospital is named after Helen DeVos. She is the mother of Doug DeVos who is married to Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos’s brother is Eric Prince, the founder of Blackwater and according to a Washington Post article (Apr 3.), set up a secret meeting in Seychelles on Jan. 11, 2017, to establish a Trump-Putin back channel.
    I can also tell you that Spectum Health has been working throughout this summer and fall to upgrade/change all their computers and replace them with a system that will allow all the departments to talk to each other. I doubt it, but if there was any there, there, it probably has been removed by now and unavailable for any FBI probe.

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