Good Samaritan 2017


A man asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

In reply Jesus said: “A poor woman’s house was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.  President Trump flew to Texas to view the damage and saw the woman layin’ in the rubble.  

“Help me”, she gasped, in obvious pain.

“I’m sorry,” President Trump began, “but I’m too busy makin’ America great again to help you.”

Joel Osteen soon walked by, saw the woman in pain, and walked by on the other side of the street.

Ted Cruz, a U.S. senator, also saw the woman and crossed to the other side of the street.

But a DREAMER, who learned English, studied hard in school and became an EMT, happened upon the poor woman.  He pulled her from the wreckage, treated her wounds and stayed with her in the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

Jesus asked, Which of these do you think was a neighbor to the woman who was caught in the eye of the storm?”

The man replied, “The one who had mercy on her.”

Jesus told him, “I would tell you ‘Go and do the same’, but the man who wants to make America great again just deported him.”


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