WikiLeaks Moves Two Servers to Russia

Buildin’ on the work of Louise Mensch, Tea Pain was able to confirm two of WikiLeaks servers are now hosted inside the Russian Federation.

WikiLeaks Russia

A DNS (Domain Name Server) search reveals the IP addresses of six WikiLeaks servers.  Two of the servers, identified as and, show clearly to be hosted in Russia as indicated by endpoint 17 in the map above.

While WikiLeaks claims no ties to Russia, Internet analytics says otherwise.  Tea Pain has warned his users about visitin’ the WikiLeaks website over concerns of malware injection and other Russia tomfoolery!

11 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Moves Two Servers to Russia”

  1. With the vast network and expansive web of colluders, I feel you and conservatives are overlooking an important point. Repeatedly, Americans have been told our elections weren’t hacked.
    In researching all voting machines and software, those that own these companies criminal backgrounds and GOP interests, Kobach’s CrossCheck, gerrymandering…various elections have been fixed, hacked…by the GOP for years.
    Regarding Election 2016, Database Replication could have altered key VoterRolls, causing voters to be removed and/or made to look like another voter(so voter total remained the same) causing Cross Check to flag legitimate voters…. In such cases, voters may be allowed to vote provisionally, which usually never gets counted. In this and other ways, the election wasn’t hacked…the ability to vote and/or have votes count would’ve been the hack!
    Other things about Election 2016 are red flags. How do they marry up with Database Replication, then Modification, to be sent back as Relpacement of original information.
    People are digging and statistically, things are off. People are complaining about showing up to former voting precincts…and nit being registered….
    This web of collusion with trillion bucks to share between criminals…would not go to all the trouble to limit activity to propaganda. GIVE ME A BREAK! Also, the Senate, House and Oval would ALL need to be GOP to overtake the government, as well as protect each other. The presidential race in key states was important (One of Manafort’s specialty is the elecoratal votes…original stated reason the campaign brought him on!), but so were let Senate and House races (where Kochs spent tens of millions). The greatest key states would be crucial electoral votes for Presidential win, as well as Senate/House races! [where do these races overlap?] (Also, some “Dems” belong to Kochs…identify by their votes…so need to include them as areas to take a closer look at voter roll…machine… abnormalities/anomolies)

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    1. I agree! Voter hacking is happening. Add to that gerrymandering of districts and we have ourselves a GOP House, Senate and Presidency.

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  2. I just read that you received a death threat. That is horrible. I am praying for your safety and for the safety of all you guys who are leading the resistance – Louise, Claude, John, Eric, Keith, etc. I read y’all pretty much everyday, and you give me hope that we will make it through this perilous time. Stay safe and please know that your work is appreciated!

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  3. Were you born this retarded or did years of illegal drugs and leftist indoctrination make you this way?


    1. Poor Gho has a truth allergy, better swallow some Breitbart and OAN for some Tea Pain relief.

      Keep doing what you do. We’re listening.

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    2. Clearly Goh, you need a large enema to help straighten out your “thinking” process which likely occurs as the same location the enema is inserted. That said, a person who accuses hundreds of millions of people of being ‘indoctrinated’ with information that conflicts with your very fuzzy grasp of reality without presenting any facts, evidence, documents, chalk drawings or even some Sanskrit writing on stone tablets as evidence, has zero credibility.

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  4. Hi. Just started reading your analysis on the recent catastrophe. Most of what I’m reading makes sense. My question to you is how much of
    your analysis depends on the ‘wisdom’ of Louise Mensch?


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