New Analysis Supports Database Replication Theory Between Trump Tower and Alfa Bank

On April 3rd, Tea Pain released an article, “The Trump-Russia Data Machine” that got the internet buzzin’ about the possibility that the unexplained computer traffic between Trump Tower, Russia’s Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health had been deciphered.  In just 3 days, over 80,000 viewers read how these 3 unrelated businesses were possibly sharing a growing database of targeted voter rolls through a process known as Database Replication.

Database Replication is a simple concept where 2 or more large databases in different locations stay in sync with one another by broadcasting hourly changes to each other. Building on the analysis of data scientists, Tea Pain was able to theorize that this common business practice is how the data was being stored and passed back and forth to Russian intelligence without raising undue suspicion.

But the article raised additional questions.  The new hourly replication theory could be easily debunked if there were more than 24 connections made between Trump Tower and Alfa Bank in one day.  Tea Pain contacted key sources on Twitter and soon got his hands on the leaked raw data.  Tea loaded the IP transactions into SQL Server and proceeded to see if his theory would stand up against the raw data.  What he found caused him to erupt into a cautious “end zone dance” of patriotic optimism.

The data was totaled by connections per day and reflected precisely what Tea Pain’s theory had predicted.  Since data is only copied when changes were made, there would scarcely be a day where changes were being made every hour of the day.  Tea Pain also discovered that there were few connections during the early days of the database, but those connections grew as the databases grew in size. These connections ceased entirely when the suspicious traffic was discovered and Trump IT pulled the process offline.

UPDATE: Trump Tower uses a Contact Management System from Cendyn that uses SQL Server. The tools needed to achieve this replication were already installed.   Tea Pain has been in touch with one Ivy League college and a number of media outlets.  This new explanation is causing data analysts to look in new places to reconstruct what appears to be massive data collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russian Intelligence.


21 thoughts on “New Analysis Supports Database Replication Theory Between Trump Tower and Alfa Bank”

  1. Eternally grateful for you and your fellow patriots, without whom my children and grandchildren would be doomed to a life under fascist rule. May your life be richly blessed. Thank you. #MyYaya @dawneherbst

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  2. Thank you for making public what one would have hoped the FBI had done long ago. I am sorry to have to say that as Americans we are awakening to the fact that our Intelligence agencies are greatly dysfunctional. I don’t know if this sort of citizen activism can substitute for these agencies enough to prevent our country from destruction.


  3. None of the databases know in advance if the others have changed or not. Thus wouldn’t they connect each hour (or on whatever schedule has been programmed) regardless of whether they themselves have changed?


  4. This sounds promising so long as it becomes known to FBI and it’s taken seriously. It needs to be followed and investigated with all the effort and resources available.
    We all need ANSWERS.
    I want to believe that at least 90% of Americans want the TRUTH about what was done by Russia, whether there was or is colluding or conspiring or treason or nothing at all regarding trump, his businesses, his campaign, his family or the people he surrounds himself with today. While they’re at it, I think there needs to be a spotlight shined into the dark monopolistic red/right wing and DISHONEST BROADCASTING OUTLETS who shill for and repeat at megaphone volume, LIES, LIES, LIES and more LIES. I MEAN REALLY. Shouldn’t AMERICAN News outlets and broadcasters be bringing us ALL actual Truth and FACTS?


  5. Unparalleled Sophistication. Putin, in the last 8 years has felt the economical (tea)pain of sanctions. Also, he’s afraid of girls.
    My point is self deleting software requires, above all, provided alpha/beta testing was successful, was used in select states’ county mainframes to become the voting decider, then delete at specified time. It’s why the power grid issue, a week b4 Elections arose. They had to be assured of power to implement.
    Why do all Russia did for over 40 years then sit out Election Day?
    Trump knew. Trump told some now complicit Congress ppl just after Billy Bush tapes emerged. The hermitage was too much. Cruz, Ryan, McConnell, Chaffetz for starters is my guess.
    Great work!


  6. I’ve been looking at the raw data myself and it looks like there are 3-4 computers running on the Alfa Bank side and 2 running at Spectrum Health.

    I agree they are running an automated data sync 24 hours/day. Hard to tell if it’s a standard DB sync or something custom.

    Tea Pain – Drop me an e-mail if you want me to show you what I’ve found.


    1. What about Alfa’s claim that the communication between them and Trump server was the result of hackers posing as Alfa ?

      I wouldn’t hearing a response to that claim from outside experts.


  7. What about Alfa’s claim that the communication between them and Trump server was the result of hackers posing as Alfa ?

    I wouldn’t mind hearing a response to that claim from outside experts.


  8. With the vast network and expansive web of colluders, I feel you and conservatives are overlooking an important point. Repeatedly, Americans have been told our elections weren’t hacked.
    In researching all voting machines and software, those that own these companies criminal backgrounds and GOP interests, Kobach’s CrossCheck, gerrymandering…various elections have been fixed, hacked…by the GOP for years.
    Regarding Election 2016, Database Replication could have altered key VoterRolls, causing voters to be removed and/or made to look like another voter(so voter total remained the same) causing Cross Check to flag legitimate voters…. In such cases, voters may be allowed to vote provisionally, which usually never gets counted. In this and other ways, the election wasn’t hacked…the ability to vote and/or have votes count would’ve been the hack!
    Other things about Election 2016 are red flags. How do they marry up with Database Replication, then Modification, to be sent back as Replacement of original information.
    People are digging and statistically, things are off. People are complaining about showing up to former voting precincts…and not being registered…ones who’ve used the same precinct for 30 years, millenials… college-aged Dems.
    This web of collusion with trillion+ bucks to share between criminals…would not go to all the trouble to limit activity to propaganda. GIVE ME A BREAK! Also, the Senate, House and Oval Office would ALL need to be GOP to overtake the government, as well as protect each other. The presidential race in key states was important (One of Manafort’s specialties is the electoral votes…original stated reason the campaign brought him on!), but so were key Senate and House races (where Kochs spent tens of millions). “The Hack/Fraud” would focus on key states crucial to attain the needed electoral votes for Presidential win, as well as key Senate/House races! [where do these political races overlap?] (Also, some “Dems” belong to Kochs…and can be identified by their votes…so need to include voter rolls, machines/software…abnormalities/anomolies)


  9. SwissTriple_M is collecting voter’s stories, to include voters suddenly discovering they weren’t registered when they should’ve been, voters not having their votes count, etc…for specifics, check out⤵⤵


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